High Demand for Quality Control and Quality Assurance Mechanical Inspector Jobs

aptprecisioninc-training-01There is a growing shortage of QC/QA Mechanical Inspection positions in manufacturing companies and in many industries such as aerospace and defense, medical device, semiconductors… This is resulted from the aging workforce, more manufacturing projects for machine shops.


Average Salary:

$50,000- $83,000/year.


Career Overview

A QC/QA Mechanical Inspector makes sure that products meet standards of quality and safety. For example: they measure and weigh the products, examine samples, and test them. The inspector may be responsible for declaring that a product is not safe or is not of the specified quality.


aptprecisioninc-training-designThis training is designed for

Prospective QA/QC Mechanical Inspectors, Machinists, Technician, Engineers, students with an inspection or mechanical knowledge background will gain more from this training.


Training courses would be taught by experienced and certified Quality Assurance Mechanical Inspector with more 25 years involvement in metrology industry.


Training is performed in real machine shop, students will have opportunities to practice with new and expensive tools in QC department laboratory.


Learning Outcomes

Inspection tools and equipment, mechanical documents and drawings, hands-on mechanical inspections tasks, reporting of inspection results.


Training Objectives

After the training, students will have sufficient knowledge about the career QC/QA Mechanical Inspector, will be able to perform the inspections activities basing on blueprints reading, GD&T and tools usages classes. Students could demonstrate the ability in metrology solutions with variety of different blueprints, parts from different industries.


aptprecisioninc-course-outlineCourse Outline

  1. Overview the training course.
  2. Manufacturing and Processing.
  3. Blueprint Reading
  4. GD&T / ANSI Y 14.5
  5. Tools Training: caliper, micrometer, optical comparator, height gage, pin gage, profilometer, surface plate
  6. Technical Math.
  7. Common Machine Shop Terminology.


Course Length and Class schedule

QC Mechanical Inspector :2 months.

CMM Mechanical Inspector/ Programmer: Software MCOSMOS

2 days per week/ 9:00 am-4:00pm


We could develop a specific program tailored to students’ requirements.



Our location

APT&T Precision Inc

11834 Western Ave

Stanton, CA 90680.



Vickie: 714-580-3386


Please share this information with your colleagues supervisor who may be interested in, and with your manager, supervisor who may approve your training request.